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The perfect embodiment of the craftsman spirit: Yajie X series high security lock core products

Issuing time:2020-05-23 09:54

Recently, the Craftsman's spirit of the Germans has been cited as a good talk in China's manufacturing industry. In fact, the Chinese have never lacked the craftsmanship since ancient times, but some companies and practitioners are unwilling to abandon the impetuous and short-sighted behavior of pursuing immediate interests Lack of perseverance in product improvement. The artisan spirit refers to the work concept that artisans are full of feelings for their products, carefully crafted and refined. Craftsmen like to constantly improve the product itself and the production process of the product to strive for perfection.

Yajie X series high security anti-theft lock cores have been developed and continuously improved over three years. The project team has been positioning precisely and striving for perfection from the beginning of the design. Whether it is structural design or process production, they dare to challenge the technical difficulty and perseverance of the industry. After hundreds of discussions and improvements, they have created a peak that amazes foreign counterparts. The work. The following is an analysis of the craftsmanship embodied in the X series from eight aspects.

Artisan spirit 1 (structural design): In order to solve the technical opening and maximize the key performance indicators (key volume), in a product space of only 28 cubic centimeters (slightly larger than a lighter of 2 yuan) , Designed and installed 113 mechanical parts.

The precise structure inside the X series reflects the charm of mechanical design

Artisan spirit 2 (processing accuracy): the internal structural parts of the product (such as chucks and other key parts), for the sake of product performance considerations, abandon the practice of using manganese steel in the industry, choose stainless steel 304 material, and overcome the stamping die process , Deformation processing technology and batch front processing technology and other difficult production methods, the deviation of parts does not exceed +/- 0.02mm.

Mechanical coded components with a diameter of only 1 cm

Artisan spirit 3 (unique geometry): In order to ensure that the keys cannot be copied uncontrolled, so as to maximize the safety of customers, Yajie X series specially designed a unique key geometry to meet its own strength Under the premise of, effectively prevent criminals from using a screwdriver to rotate violently. Although the key groove processing and the processing of the track groove on the key have increased exponentially, through the development of special machines such as precision numerical control equipment, the high-precision process has finally achieved the design effect.

Yajie X series unique key slot

Artisan spirit 4 (device installation): Compared with other blade locks and ball locks, the coding elements operate independently. The X series uses multiple rotating blades to be superimposed and assembled. The thickness of each blade is only 0.7mm, which can effectively solve the technical opening and The one-by-one method of shock opening. However, the overlapping assembly of blades needs to solve the difficult problems such as cumulative errors and coordinated positioning. After dozens of discussions and innovative experiments, the developers of Yajie finally solved this industry problem effectively.

X Series Blade Overlap and Positioning Patented Technology

Artisan spirit 5 (space track slot): planar track slot technology is currently the mainstream in the market but is easy to be opened by technology, and the key is easy to be illegally copied. In response to this shortcoming, the Yajie X series has designed the space track slot technology. In terms of development, special numerical control equipment is developed for mass production, and the accuracy requirement is within + / 0.03mm.

Space track grooves on the keys with a diameter of 5mm

Artisan spirit 6 (outline processing): even the outer surface of the parts, adopts the technology of precision machining to control the accuracy of the outer size within 0.05mm to ensure the positioning and clamping accuracy of the subsequent process. Compare photos before and after the process. Common products on the market do not use this high-precision process.

Yajie X series adopt high-precision shape processing technology

Artisan Spirit 7 (Material): The key of the Yajie X series is made of high-performance white copper material instead of the brass material commonly used in the market. Although the processing difficulty and cost have increased significantly, but for the performance of the product The keys and other key parts of the series are all made of white copper, and their mechanical properties are slightly higher than stainless steel. The processing of these parts uses precision profile technology.

Use higher quality materials for higher performance

Artisan spirit 8 (key volume): In order to increase the key parameter "key volume" of the lock cylinder product as much as possible, the Yajie X series installs as many coding devices as possible in a limited space, and the entire lock can be up to 62 Stainless steel blade parts. Among them, the technology of three spatial trajectory slots, in order to ensure that it is not opened by illegal persons, uses the technology of 48 yarded blades divided into 3 angles and 6 directions, which makes the method of tool picking and vibration opening completely invalid. Its key volume also reached a record 100 billion yuan, becoming an industry record.

The precision of X series core components is beyond imagination

Since the successful development of the Yajie X series in early 2015, it has gone through several rounds of public technical inspections for more than a year. It has not been opened by technology in the public inspection activities so far. Industrial enterprises need more such craftsmanship in pursuit of excellence.


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